#11 Blessed Life

From Left to Right: Captain, Missy, Grace. 

Anna, Nicole & Captain

I'm a mommy of 2 little girls so I dont get to ride as much as I would like (who does really?!?!) but I'm excited to join the derby to help celebrate every precious mile! Most miles will be trail riding and ponying my toddler on her Shetland but I also am starting to play around with driving. So far I've only done sleds but have a sleigh that is begging to be used!

I'll introduce my horses in order from Left to Right.

My #1 horse, Captain, is a 1999 thoroughbred/quarter horse/arab hybrid 😉 that my family bred for when I was 12. He was the first horse I could truly call my own and has been the apple of my eye for the majority of my life. Unfortunately, he is currently battling navicular so his mileage will be dependent on the success of my treatment plan.

Next is Missy, a 2009 quarter horse that I rescued with the intention of training and selling for profit. As you can see, she foiled my plans by being totally awesome and is now my highest mileage horse. She is my smallest horse at 15 hands but she has an energetic walk and a fast trot that gives gaited horses a run for their money. 

I will also be riding, Grace (Coast Pacific Royal Queen), my 2011 Clydesdale mare from time to time. She's proven herself to be a great mountain horse but understandably runs out of steam a little before the others. 


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