#24 The Royals

Kim and Royal

Kim and Royal


Hi, my name is Kim Elkins from Mead - Eastern Washington.  My team includes my incredible 5 year old American Saddlebred mare Royal Velvet a.k.a. Roy.  We traversed mountains, horse camped, and got to know each other in the 700+ miles we traveled in 2016.  She embraced each new situation like the old soul she is.  Our goal is to compete in Endurance rides in 2017 and continue our adventures together.  

Joining our team is my 6 year old American Saddlebred mare She's Evocative a.k.a. Xena.  Xena is just starting to learn her job as a saddle horse and has accepted training with the wonderful attitude of "no big deal, what's next".  Looking forward to introducing her to great outdoor adventures after a solid arena foundation.  


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