#38 Magic's Team

Hello, My Name is Jill Sparkes.  I primarily ride my 16 year old Arab gelding, Mirage. We enjoy trail riding and have competed in several LD endurance ride distances and hoping to move on up to 50’s.  I also ride Razi , my 20 year old Arab gelding.  I previously competed endurance on him and he was my dream mount until he developed ringbone and now he gets to enjoy slower and shorter trail riding.  Both Mirage and Razi are sons of my Arab Mare, Magic, who I owned from the time she was 4 until she passed away at age 30. She first got me to love long distance riding back in the 80’s. Life seemed to interrupt riding time for a bit but I could not stay away.  Just recently I brought home Tyrion, a 3 year old gelding. I am looking forward to more time in the saddle….putting many more miles on my horses, exploring new trails, and trying new things.


  1. 3/30 3.2 mirage home
    3/31 4.6 Tyrian Tereesa’s clinic.

    MTD 13.8

  2. 4/2 5.3 Mirage Antoine Peak with Margie and Kathryn
    1.3 Tyrian- lesson at Tereesa's
    4/4 5.5 Tyrian- 1st trail ride with Margie at Missile Site
    4/6 3.3 Mirage- ride with Debbie and Margie and Debbies house

    MTD 29.2

  3. 4/20. Mirage 4.0 home
    Tyrian. 3.0 home
    MTD. 39.2

  4. 4/23 Tyrian 2.7 lesson @ Tereesa’s

    MTD. 41.9

  5. 4/30 Tyrian 3.2 tereesa
    5/3. Mirage 4.9 home

    MTD 53.3


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