#25 Pink Pony

My name is Lorie Stobie. I've been an avid trail rider for over 50 years. I rode in endurance for 20 years accumulating 11,000 miles in competition before retiring from the sport. I have ridden Arabians my entire riding career until the fall of 2016 when I bought an adorable gaited Icelandic mare, "Flekka", who is turning into an incredible trail and mountain pony for me. Currently Flekka and I are wintering in Arizona and are able to ride every day due to the incredible winter weather here. We will be returning to Valley Washington, our home, in the spring and will spend the summer riding season camping and riding in the mountains surrounding our home. Arizona will be our home again each winter as long as we both can continue to make the long journey down here.
   Tally Ho


  1. 12/24 13.4 miles. Coffee Flats to Reed's Water W/ Sheila G. Shari and Carolyn.
    12/25. 7.57 miles. Xmas ride thru Ghost Town to Massacre THead loop W/Jerry and Cindy, Sally and Charles, Shelley and Phil. Flekka passed 1700 miles on today's ride.
    12/27. 13.01 miles. Arnette Canyon to wagon ruts and rock oven W Charlie and Sally, Jerry and Cindy. Shari, Mile and Teresa.
    12/28 9.74 miles. Gravel Pit loop and Praying Hands on way home W/ Carolyn.
    12/30. 10.22 miles. Gaiting ride with Carolyn.
    Week total 53.94
    MTD total 1811.74
    (1742.01 miles were on Flekka)

  2. 1/3. 9.3 miles. Penis Rock to Snake Trail, to Stagecoach Rd to Skyline Ridge. W/ Charlie and Sally, Jerry and Cindy, Shelley, Debbi, and Rick from Goldfield.
    1/4 9.38. Gravel Pit loop with Sally Shepard visiting from Deer Park. Sally rode Shari's horse Buddy.
    Week total 18.68
    MTD total 18.68

  3. Penis Rock? Bobbi

  4. 1/7. 9.68 miles. Snake Trail to Skyline. W/ Deb and Charles, Shelley, Lori, and Sally Shepard.
    1/9. 6.6. Rode to waterfall at Massacre Grounds. Tough ride. Almost 4 hours to go 6.6 miles. Rode with AZ Apache Junction Winter Trail Riders.
    1/11. 13.38 miles. Window Rock. Awesome ride. Another tough one. Loved it. W/ Joe Medley leading. Deb, Lori, Jerry, Sheila, Sally Shepard and Bob.
    1/13. 7.9 miles. Blessing of the Horses. Then we rode the Xcut loop to Bluebird for burgers. W/ Jerry and Cindy, Lori, Shelley, Ric from Goldield, and Debbi. Super fun day.
    Week total. 37.56
    MTD Total. 56.24.

  5. 1/14. 12.44. Super Hiway loop w/ Par and Steve Hallmark
    1/16. 8.03. Praying Hands to xcut to Bluebird for lunch w/ Carolyn and Lori
    1/17. 8.18. Xcut to Gold Canyon TH. W/ M'reen and Lori
    1/19. 14 miles. Happy Camp with Carolyn, Raymond and Sheila G.
    Week total. 42.65
    MTD Total 98.89

  6. 1/21. 11.38 miles. EVBCH ride to Deer Tanks. 22 riders.
    1/22. 6.41 miles. Jacobs xcut loop w/Jim and Debbi
    1/23. 9.2 miles. Arnett Canyon weenie roast ride w/ AZ Wednesday Winter Riders. 40 riders.
    1/24. 8.4 miles. Coons Bluff w/Lori Ewing. Saw too many wild horses to count.
    1/25. 7.41 miles. Massacre Grounds W/ Carolyn. Explored a new lower trail back to trailhead.
    1/27. 6.77 miles Jacobs xcut loop to Bluebird for lunch w/ Lori and Andy Ewing.
    Week total. 49.57
    MTD Total 148.46

  7. 1/28. 8.41 miles. EVBCH ride. Usery Park to Stewart Dam. Think my favorite ride this winter. Loved it.
    1/30. 10.61 miles. AZ Wednesday riders club. Saguaro Lake. 11 riders.
    1/31. 13.5 miles. Paralta to Reed's Water. 14 of us from camped hauled out for this ride. Joe led. Awesome day.
    Week total. 32.22
    MTD total. 180.98

  8. 2/4. 9.29 miles. Penis Rock to Snake Trail to old Stagecoach Rd. Home via Skyline Trail. W/ Deb, Lori, and April. Lori's friend. Poured rain on us. Intense winds and all 4 horses were handfuls for most of the ride. Flekka was a naughty little pistol. Lol.
    2/8. 13.5 miles. Rode to Massacre Grounds from camp w/ Jim and Debbi, Deb, Shelley and Cindy. Cindy, Jim and I rode all the way back to the waterfall. Tough ride.
    2/10. 8.56 miles. Jacob's xcut to Gold Canyon TH. W/ Deb and Charles. Very pleasant and relaxing ride.
    Week total. 31.35
    MTD total. 212.33

  9. 2/12 12.2 miles. W/ Carolyn. Moon Rock, Gus's Trail and Mimmie and Bob's Rock trails. Did some exploring north of Window Rock. The most challenging trail I've done here....Moon Rock. Am fine if I never do it again. Lol.
    2/16. 7.81 miles W/ Deb and Charles and Lori. Rode gaiting trails towards Silly Mtn.
    2/17. 12.92 miles W/ Deb and Lori. Tin Man Loop. Awesome ride. Everything was perfect.
    Week total 32.93
    MTD total. 245.26

  10. Rain cold and snow all week. Brrr. Weekend ended up being nice.
    2/23. 8 miles. Jacobs xcut to Gold Canyon TH w/ Lori.
    2/24. 6.5 miles. Jacobs xcut to Massacre Ground TH. W/ Deb and Charles, Lori, Shelley, Debbi, Jerry and Cindy Brown.
    Week total. 14.5
    MTD total 259.76

  11. 2/25. 10.88 miles. South Loop off of Super Hiway to Cottonwood Springs w/ Lori. Super fun ride.
    2/27. 12.61 miles. Deer Tank loop with Lori and Deb and Charles. We got lost several times and accidently ended up on a new trail that was challenging and fun. Had a great day.
    3/1. 6.4 miles. Solo ride with Flekka. Jacobs xcut to Massacre TH loop.
    Week total. 32.93
    MTD total. 289.65

  12. 3/5. 12.3 miles. Maricopa Trail at Red Mountain. My first time on this awesome trail. W/Lori, Merle Spicklemyer and Merle's girlfriend Deb.
    3/6. 10.81 miles. Coon's Bluff. Crossed paths three times with large bands of wild horses. Watched one band play and play in a pool by the river. W/ Jim and Debbi, Lori, Nancy and Rod, Shelley and her friends Jim and Gary.
    3/8. 7.42 miles. Hauled Lori and I to Massacre TH and rode the loop to the waterfall. Was cool and breezy so perfect for the horses on this tough technical trail. Awesome ride.
    3/9. 12.26 miles. Deer Tank loop with Nancy, Rob and Lori. Nancy showed us where I messed up over there last week. Went left when I should of gone right on trail # 10.
    Week total 42.79
    MTD Total 332.44

  13. 3/11. 12.47 miles. Tin Man w/Nancy. Jim and Holly, Deb, and Helen, Royce, and Lee from California.
    3/14. 8.11 miles. Hauled to Gravel Pit and rode Thieves Canyon. Incredibly beautiful ride. W/Jim and Debbi, Lori and Deb.
    3/16. 9 miles. Hauled to Gravel Pit and rode #12 trail. W/ Nancy and Lori
    3/17. 7.43 miles. Hauled to Gravel Pit and rode to First Water to Hackberry Spring. Awesome ride. Loved it. W/ Nancy and Lori
    Week total 37.01
    MYD Total. 359.45

  14. 3:19. 10.02 miles. Hauled 2 hours to Catalina St Park to check out trails and a future weeklong camp trip there next winter. Trails and camping area were both wonderful. W/ Lori, Jim and Debbi.
    3/20. 9.17 miles. Skyline out of Peralta with Lori.
    3/24. 8.13 miles. Jacobs xcut with Nancy.
    Week total 27.32
    MTD Total. 386.77

  15. 3/27. 12.51 miles. Tin Man with Paynes, Lori, Leslie, and Brunnemers. Saw rattlesnakes twice.
    3/29. 8.99 miles. Slyline Regional Park with Lori and Sharon. Nice stopover on our way back to Washington.
    Week total. 21.5
    MTD total 395.76

  16. 4/16 3.43 miles First ride since falling and cracking my ribs. Rode my easy short loop by ourselves and felt ok.
    4/17 3.99 miles Rode our easy loop again doubling back a short way when Flekka got too fast wanting to go home..My ribs felt ok again for the most part.
    4/20 7.11 miles. Rode with Marian and Wanda.. We rode across the hiway to do the 11 mile loop, but I was in so much pain half way through that we rode to Aleecia's so I could get a ride home. Took both Aleecia and Wanda to help me get off Flekka and I was howling in pain like a cut calf,,,was embarrassing. Aleecia drove me home, Wanda ponyed Flekka home for me..Guess I'm not ready yet for a longer ride that has any hills in it. Dang.
    Week Total 14.53
    MTD total 410.29

  17. 4/24 4.01 miles. Rode loop east of the barn. Ribs felt ok other than dismounting when I got home..ouch.
    4/25 3.99 miles. Rode same loop east of barn again..love this easy and pretty loop. Ribs didn't bother me at all while riding again, only dismounting.
    4/27 3 miles. Rode the loop behind the cabins for the first time since getting home from AZ..needs some pruning in a few spots.
    4/28 7.07 miles. Rode both of the above loops and again my ribs were fine..other than dismounting.
    Week total 19.07
    MTD Total 429.36

  18. 4/29 7.15 miles. Took Flekka to Rustler's Gulch for a solo ride..brought Tip along with us..all three of us had a glorious time.
    5/1 3.68 miles. Solo from home on east loop.
    5/4 4.03 miles. Solo from home on west loop.
    5/5 6.60 miles. Aleecia, Brandy and Wanda rode over here from Aleecia's and I took them on both the east and west loop..had a great time. We parted ways at the end of the west loop and they rode back to Aleecia's.
    Week total 21.46
    MTD Total 450.82


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