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My name is Bobbi Walker and I live in Rochester, WA.

I do long distance riding and ride a 15-year-old Sweepstakes Nominated Arab named Echcentric DPA (aka Willie) and an unregistered 13-year-old spotted walking horse named Dreamer.

My best memories have been on horseback and I am grateful to have a place to enter my miles and to correspond with like-minded people! Best of luck to everyone this year and we hope to see you on the trail!


  1. 12/30/18: 12.38 mi Drove to Pe Ell, met Shelley, Kaylee, Alexis and her mom Michelle. Saw Laura and Amy there with two of their friends.
    12/31/18: 7.73 mi. Rode with Kaylee and Andrea. Met them at Adna.
    This entry: 20.11 mi,

    MTD and FOR THE YEAR! : 1527.84 mi SO PROUD!

  2. 1/2/19: 21.22 mi.
    Rode Willie, Kaylee rode Dreamer, her two friends came, Caleigh and another gal ? Went to the Trestle 32 from Pe
    1/6/19: 7.92 mi. Rode with Amy at Cap Forest. I rode Dreamer. Lots of trees down from wind storm the day beore.

    MTD: 29.14 mi.

  3. 1/6/19: 8 miles with Amy at Capitol Forest
    1/7/19: 12.8 miles behind the house
    1/11/19: 21.53 Rode Willie with Amy from Pe Ell to Trestle 32 and back.
    1/13/19: 18.81 miles over past Bordeaux. I rode Dreamer, Mark rode his bike.

    TOTAL: 61.14

    MTD: 90.28 MI.

  4. 1/19/19: About 20 miles (my gps said 20.68, but Amy's was 19.something)
    Rode to where D4000 meets Mima Falls Trail. Lost a boot so had to backtrack some. Luckily Amy had a spare, thanks Amy! A few gymnastics on the way home involving a tarp, hopefully we're all ok.

    MTD: 110.28 MI.

  5. 1/21/19: 12.62 mi.
    Rode Dreamer in new saddle with woodback saddle pad. It still rubbed his hair, but not as bad. His little back is getting pink like the hair is coming off of it? I put my Cashel and sheepskin on the saddle, but it comes off when I get off! But I like the saddle I think. My butt is scabbed, but that's from the first time I rode with no padding. This was a level ride today, over the weekend I will ride cap forest again and see what the hills do to me with padding. Rode with Amy and Kate. Started at Spooner and ended up at WHF.

    MTD: 122.90 MI

  6. 1/23/19: 23.43 mi.
    Shelley and Scarlett and Willie and I rode the Willapa in my final mileage calculations for the Midnight Rider using Eileen's GPS. We rode to trail past MM32 from Pe Ell and back to Pe Ell. Then I left Shelley there with the rig and Willie and I went to WHF. Shelley picked us up there. Now I can calculate the Midnight Rider final mileage.

    MTD: 146.33 MI

  7. 1/30/19 3.32 mi
    Rode a little loop by the house on Dreamer. Trying out a Ghost Treeless saddle. I'll have to put in the shim in the front for me :-) My legs bumped up against the knee rolles and the leathers seem too short.
    MTD: 149.65 Mi

  8. 2/1/19 10.29 Mi.

    Rode behind house on Dreamer with Ghost Treeless. Amy was here with Kate. What a fun ride we had! We did a little exploring of roads to nowhere :-) Treeless hardly ruffled up Dreamer's back at all and that was great.

    MTD: 159.94 Mi.

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  10. 2/3/19 10.26 mi
    Dreamer and I rode with Mark and his bike, we intended to head for Bordeaux, but it was snowing and hailing, so we decided to explore closer to home, the route Amy and I had tried. Mark made it down on his bike but he said it was tough. Dreamer and I turned around and went home the normal way. Ghost saddle had more rubbing today of the hair darn it.
    MTD: 170.20 MI.

  11. 2/8/19 6.62 mi.
    Dreamer and I rode with Jodie and Wynd behind the house. Did the clay loop backward. Used Ghost Treeless. The saddle pad slipped back and so did the saddle.
    MTD: 176.82 Mi

  12. 2/17/19 17.63 mi.

    Dreamer and I rode with Amy and Kate at Grayland Beach. The light was incredible and the weather was perfect! Took lots of pics, one of which I want to enter into the photo contest this month! Put show sheen under the Ghost saddle. Much less hair rubbing but it looks like he got an actual saddle sore :-( I've never had one before, so I am pretty bummed.

  13. Oops forgot to add it up!
    2/17/19 MTD: 194.45 Mi.

  14. 2/20/19 13.11 mi.
    Willie and I rode with Shelley and Scarlet and Alexis and Siena. We went to RF State Park, went to the Meskill Parking Lot, then WH Farm, then back to RF State Park. Very pleasant weather, the hail and rain didn't bother us much!
    MTD: 207.56 Mi.

  15. 2/24/19 12.98 mi.
    Great ride at Matlock with a bunch of girls. Great horses, nice ride, rode Dreamer.
    MTD 220.54 mi.

  16. 2/25/19 9.28 mi.
    Deep snowy ride behind the house on Willie with Shelley and Scarlett.
    MTD: 229.82 mi.

  17. 2/26/19: 11.50 mi.
    Met Shelley/Ginger and Margo on her Paso Fino. I rode Dreamer. He was full of it. We averaged 5.5 mph and dreamer could have doubled that I swear.
    MTD: 241.32 mi.

  18. 3/2/19: 11.48 mi.
    Rode with Donna/Ransom on WHT. Rode Willie. Beautiful sunny warm day.
    MTD: 252.80 mi.

  19. 3/3/19: 16.22 mi.
    Rode with Amy/Kate, Shelley/Scarlett and Dreamer! We averaged 5.9 mph for the fastest average time this year! Dreamer gaited well next to Kate and Scarlet was able to keep a slow trot going. Kate shied a few times, Dreamer got his bit under his tongue TWICE, but other than that, beautiful ride on a sunny warm day.
    MTD: 269.02 mi.

  20. 3/5/19: 8.44 mi.
    Rode behind house with Neighbor Kay on Dreamer and me on Willie. Mostly walked. Still snow up there!
    MTD: 277.46 mi.

  21. 3/22/19: 6.20 mi. Did the clay loop with Neighbor Kay on Dreamer and me on Willie. Tried out new bit on Dreamer. We shall see.
    3/23/19: 21.31 mi. Yay! My bum hurts! Rode with Amy/Kate, Donna/Ransom and I on Willie. Turned out to be a beautiful day! Took the roads past where Mimi Falls trail passes E4000. Road all the way to the next intersection and back! Getting ready for ride season!
    MTD: 304.97 mi.

  22. 3/26/19: 20.65 mi. Rode with Shelley/Scarlett and new friend Maddie on Willie and I rode Dreamer with his new bit! It works great, but now that I'm controlling speed he wants to control direction...had a wonderful time!
    MTD: 325.62 mi.

  23. 3/29/19: 9.89 mi. Rode with Alexis/Siena and Amy/Kate, I was on dreamer. Bit wasn't the jewel it was the first time, he had a lot of attitude.
    3/31/19: 6.12 mi. Rode Dreamer behind house with Charity and her Daughter. Walked. Noticed that dreamer's chain on his bit cut through his skin, maybe that's why he's not a happy guy!
    MTD: 341.63 Mi.

  24. 4/2/19: 11.44 Mi. Rode Willie with Shelley/Ginger from Adna to a little past Ceres Hill. Laaaazy horses. Willie got vacinations the day before and I think he was under the weather.
    MTD: 353.07 MI

  25. 4/3/19: 6.26 Mi. Rode Dreamer with Jodie/Wynd, the clay loop. Dreamer was better behaved today, but we went slower.
    MTD: 359.33 Mi.

  26. 4/4/19: 11.46 MI. Rode Dreamer with Margo on her Paso Fino. Did the clay trail, paved road, over the humpy trail and rode back on the road.
    MTD: 370.79 MI.

  27. 9/7/19: 10.25 MI. Donna/Ransom, Willie and I rode behind the house. Trotted up the steep hill did the loop and came back via the overloop, then took the road home. GPS battery went dead, so I took the ride mileage I had from a similar ride. We actually went more than this bedcause we had to backtrack to get a boot that we lost.
    MTD: 381.04 Mi.

  28. 4/12/19: 7.4 Mi. Warmup ride, Antelope Island, me, Willie, Donna Ransom.
    5/24/20: 50.08 Mi. Endurance Ride.
    Total: 57.48 Mi.
    MTD: 438.52 Mi.

  29. 4/15/19: 11.14 Mi. Went to the auburn overlook and had saddle fitting. Rode between fittings and then rode the Tevis Trail so we could look at the trail to Lower Quarry and then turned around and came back!
    MTD: 449.56 Mi.

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  31. 4/16/19: 6.64 Mi. Ride at Cool with Pat Chappell/Dusty, Donna/Ransom, Bobbi/Willie. We mostly walked and chatted and then had salad bar at the restaurant at the trailhead in Cool, CA. Diane From Crazy Leg Tights dropped off our tights!

    MTD: 456.20 Mi.

  32. 4/19/19: 4.58 mi
    Did a walkabout at Koopman's on Dreamer with Amy/Bubba.
    MTD: 460.78 Mi.

  33. 4/25/19 15.58 Mi. Rode with Shelley and Scarlett on Dreamer from Adna. Rode to the 2nd bench and back. Shelley showed me a trail to the river; regretfully, Scarlett pulled a shoe in the process. Nice ride. Perfect weather!
    MTD: 476.36 MI.

  34. 4/27/19 5.70 Mi. Rode with Shelley/Ginger and Kaiden/Scarlett around the house. Took the back trail then over to the Fish Farm, then home. Fun ride, I hope Kaiden joins us on the trail regularily!
    MTD: 482.06 MI.

  35. 4/28/29: 25.9 Mi.
    Shelley, Alexis her mom Michelle, Donna, Bob and Jane met at Pe Ell around 10 a.m. We intended to do a 25 miler. Only Shelley, Alexis and I made the goal. Beautiful riding day and good company! I rode Dreamer and Alexis rode Willie. Michelle rode Scarlet and Shelley rode Ginger.
    MTD: 507.96 Mi.

  36. 5/2/19: 10.89 MI
    5/3/19: 50.16 MI
    5/4/19: 24.90 MI
    5/5/19: 23.88 MI
    TOTAL 109.83 for Still Prineville
    MTD: 617.79 MI


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