#26 Jumping for Joy

Sand Dollar Eventing in Eagle, Idaho
An Ohio native and lifelong horse enthusiast starting off in 4H, I’ve dabbled in hunter/jumper, eventing, competitive trail, horse camping and recreational trail riding. Above is my Chincoteague Pony, Sand Dollar. We were a team for 21 years. She passed in 2013. Fast forward over many years, and now in Spokane, I spend my horse days on the amazing trails here and in surrounding states, always looking for beautiful vistas and new areas to camp, ride and explore! I’m currently bringing along two 4-y.o. mares, one American Saddlebred (potential distance horse?) and one Draft mix of unknown breeding. My bay Morgan mare, Capy, has been my regular trail and camping companion for the past 2 years, and I take an occasional ride on my red and white pinto TWH mare, Delightful Playgirl, aka “PG”.


  1. 2/6/19 6.67 miles
    Red Cliffs Desert Reserve, St George, UT
    MTD 6.67

  2. 2/7/19 10 miles
    Red Cliffs Desert Reserve
    Bone Wash, Elephant Arch, Sand Hill and Grape Vine trails, plus a trek into a small rock canyon.
    MTD 10.67

  3. 3/30/19 - 4 miles in Riverside State Park from the 7-Mile trailhead.
    MTD 20.67

  4. 3/31/19 - 2.73 miles riding on N Hayford Road (Capy)
    MTD: 23.4

  5. 4/4/19 - 4.58 miles at Riverside State Park (Eq area trailhead on Capy)
    MTD 27.98

  6. 4/11/19 - 5.5 miles at Riverside State Park - Equestrian area trailhead on Capy.
    MTD 33.48

  7. 4/17/19 - 7.95 miles at Big Flat Habitat Mgmt Area, Pasco, WA on Capy
    MTD 41.43

  8. 4/18/19 - 9.54 miles at Basin City Outback, Basin City, WA on Capy
    MTD 50.97

  9. 4/24/19 6.17 miles at Missile Site, Deer Park, WA on Onyx
    MTD 57.14

  10. 4/25/19 3.89 miles at Riverside State Park - Equestrian Park trails on PG
    MTD 61.03

  11. 4/27/19 2.0 miles on Hayford Rd west side trails.
    MTD 63.03

  12. 4/28/19 5.65 miles starting from Garfield Road TH into and around RSP Deep Creek trails. Rode Onyx (2014 saddlebred mare).
    MTD 68.68

  13. 4/29/19 8.45 miles at Riverside State Park. Started a 7-mile/Wilbur Rd TH, went to burn area then to Bowl and pitcher, and returned on the ridge route. Rode Capy.
    MTD: 77.13

  14. 5/2/19 7.75 miles at Antoine Peak Conservation Area East. Rode Capy.
    MTD: 84.88

  15. 5/3/19 3.5 miles at Riverside State Park Equestrian area south and west. Rode PG.
    MTD 88.38


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